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New book review: Strategic Redundancy Implementation

Re-Focus, Re-Organise and Re-Build, Madeleine Stevens

Awarded 5 stars by Readers's Favourite.

Reviewed By Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

The importance of redundancy in today's corporate world cannot be overemphasized as technology and global developments, like Covid-19 and climate change, are changing the way organizations operate. However, implementing redundancy can be costly if not done right. Madeleine Stevens' Strategic Redundancy Implementation examines the best strategies to employ in the process of redundancy and how to ensure it is fair and productive. The book is divided into three sections, with each section centered on one of the R-words in the book's "Re-Focus, Re-Organise and Re-Build (RRR)" strategy. With several helpful template examples, the book looks into the impact of redundancies on organizations and individuals, ways to prevent or limit redundancies, the value employee representatives can bring to an organization during the implementation of a redundancy program, the anticipated and unforeseen cost of implementing redundancies, and more subjects associated with redundancy. Strategic Redundancy Implementation is the sort of book that makes you realize you should never stop learning as there are always new, important things to learn about different aspects of life. The book gets right to business with a detailed introduction and carries readers along, throughout the rest of the book, with compact chapter summaries and useful references. If you dislike abstract, complex solutions, fear not as it includes the sort of words to use, actions to take, and ideas to implement with several template examples and explanatory essays. Madeleine Stevens encourages readers to remember they are working with humans and not robots, which is a key lesson for leaders and entrepreneurs who might get too focused on the numbers and forget to be humane. Anyone who is or would be in charge of recruiting and letting go of staff members should read Strategic Redundancy Implementation!

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